How to keep it happy and merry with less hangovers and less stress.


We’re entering the season of feasting and drinking! While this time of year can be full of gratitude, giving, and holiday cheer it usually comes with a few more hangovers and a lot more stress. Chances are you’ll eat too much, drink too much, not workout as much, and not get enough sleep. You may end up exhausted, grumpy, and feeling like crap. But maybe not!


Maybe you can actually enjoy this time of year and be full of holiday cheer! 


You’ve got approximately six weeks of go, go, go, and do, do, do. I’ve got some tips that will help keep your health in check so, you can feel more energized and more able to handle all the stress that can come with this time of year.


First, I want to share my ‘day of the party’ strategies that will help keep your energy up and lessen your chances for hangovers and exhaustion.



Prepping for the day of the party actually starts the night before the party.


1.Stick to an evening routine the night before the party. If you don’t already have one established, simply shut down all electronics one hour before bed. Use this time to plan out the next day, wash your face, brush and floss your teeth, stretch, read, or anything that doesn’t involve screen time, work, or vigorous activity. It’s time to wind down so, you can get a restful night’s sleep. Aim for at least six hours, preferably seven or eight.


2. Avoid alcohol or stick to one drink the night before the party.


3. The morning of the party get right out of bed when your alarm goes off. NO SNOOZE! We’ll get into this in another post but for now just trust me. You’ll see the difference in your energy throughout the day from this one simple action. Count down 5-4-3-2-1 and get your ass out of bed as soon as you hit 1. Don’t think about it. Just do it! (for more on this strategy, check out  – Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule)


4. To make sure you don’t start your day off in a rush and stressed out, wake up half an hour earlier than usual . This extra time will also allow you to get in a quick workout for more energy and less stress. It doesn’t have to be long. 10-20 minutes will do. If you need a quick workout, get access to a full library of them here – Allstar Access Workout Library.


5. You are most definitely going to want to stay hydrated! Normally, you would aim for at least half of your body weight in ounces. For instance if you weigh 140 lbs, you would aim for at least 70 oz of water. I recommend having at least one additional pint if you plan on drinking alcohol. Even better if you can drink a pint of water in between each alcoholic drink. I would also recommend keeping caffeine to a minimum since it has a dehydrating effect. This strategy is especially key in helping you from getting a hangover!


6. Drink a super charged green protein smoothie! You want to get in as many nutrients as you can throughout the day and this will get you well on your way. If you need a recipe, get mine here – Green Smoothie Recipe.


7. Eat only nutritious foods throughout the day (no fast food, fried food, sugary snacks, etc). And have a snack with quality protein and good fat just before the party. It will help to control your desire to crazy on whatever food is offered at the party. It will also slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream.


And I want to share seven simple every day strategies to help keep you exercising throughout the season even if you get too busy for your normal workouts.



How to Easily Get Exercise


You may have heard some of these strategies and some may be obvious. But some may be new or just a good reminder for you! There are even a few that can be a bit of fun! Click on the image above for these seven simple ways you can easily get more exercise into your day. I’ve put them into a PDF so, you can download or print. It will be a great reminder to squeeze in a little exercise with your normal daily tasks!


I really want you to be able to enjoy this time of year and be full of holiday cheer! And hopefully you’ll see how easy it can be to implement all of these strategies beyond the holidays and into your day to day life moving forward. Cheers to less hangovers and more energy now and always!