“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” ~Dr. Seuss


There’s a reason this quote is so popular. Deep down we all just want to feel accepted for who we are. It’s crazy how much courage it can take to let our personalities shine without the fear of being judged. Shame creeps in and shame is a very powerful feeling. It can be enough to make us hide all of the wonderful things that make us so unique.


There will ALWAYS be someone judging you. Most likely, it isn’t malicious though. It’s simply because you’re different and they don’t get it. 



When I was younger, I had a boyfriend who was the kind of guy most girls would dream of marrying. He was (and probably still is) kind, smart, funny, athletic, and good looking. He adored me and treated me really well. There didn’t seem to be any reason that we wouldn’t end up married. But there was a part of me that he just didn’t get. I was weird and goofy and eventually he found it embarrassing. And sometimes it made me feel shameful.


This may sound silly but I didn’t just ACT goofy. I WAS goofy. It’s a part of who I was and a part of who I still am to this day.   


Of course there’s more to the story and we didn’t end up getting married. I believe he found someone that didn’t make him want to hide behind a bush. And I found someone who would take this picture.❤️


It’s ok if some people don’t get it. They don’t have to get it + you do have to be “you” – with no shame.