I’m over it and I hope you are too.

I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of worrying about being judged! I don’t worry about people judging my decisions and actions per se. BUT I still do occasionally worry about being judged for who I am as a person. And that’s way worse! The constant messaging while growing up to not “BRAG” really took its toll on me. It is some deep seated shit. And I have a few personality traits that I’m super aware of when I’m with people who aren’t like me. 


Well, I’m over it and I hope you are too. All it does is shrink all of the unique and wonderful things about you. If you totally know what I’m sayin’ and you’re with me, I have two part challenge for you. Listen to the latest episode to take the challenge and stop shrinking yourself!

Heads up – I drop “F” bombs
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