Pre-Plan For the Inevitable Obstacles and Stick to Your Healthy Routine.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had the best of intentions to stick to your healthy routine but the inevitable obstacle derailed you? Of you course you have! We all have!


Like many of you, I traveled this past weekend which got me thinking about this particular strategy. Not having a pre-planned solution has bitten me in the ass more than once. Especially when traveling by plane.


Have you ever felt like this?



You didn’t end up with enough time to eat at the airport or stop by the magazine shop for some healthy snacks and now you’re sitting on the plane facing hours before you’ll have access to real food. You got up on time, everything was packed, you got to the airport with no issues BUT the shuttle in the remote parking took forever! And now you feel like you have lost control and your chance of starting off your vacation on the right foot has been ruined. Your stomach is crying out and you’re totally frustrated with the whole situation. Now your hangry.


What’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I ate those $#*! snacks the airlines serve and cried a little with each bite.


I have since learned to pack things like Larabars, trail mix, or nuts and non-annoying fruit. I don’t want to get knocked out for chomping on an apple! Rather than feeling sloomy from a processed airline snack, I now arrive feeling energized and more in control. Most importantly, ready to enjoy the first cocktail of my vacation!



Having pre-planned solutions for inevitable pitfalls is key!


It doesn’t just happen with traveling. There are potential obstacles that we face every day that make it that much harder to stick to our healthy routine.  And this strategy can be used in all areas of life – not just in regards to your healthy routine. It can help keep you more organized, more punctual, more productive, more focused, less reactive, and definitely less stressed.


Discipline Muscles is all about taking action and we don’t wait until Mondays to start! So, write down the potential obstacles that you may face and come up with one to three solutions for each. And don’t forget to actually implement them!


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And please share with any friends you think may benefit as well!