My Favorite Strategy (#1) – Non-Negotiables


Do you ever feel like you’ll never have the self-discipline to stick with anything long enough to actually achieve a goal you’ve set? You’ve tried countless times to change only to go back to the same old behaviors and patterns a week later. If so, check out this strategy that has totally worked for me!



One of my favorite strategies to develop the self-discipline needed to help get you healthy and energized is establishing “Non-Negotiables”.


For instance, I have developed my self-discipline by establishing some of my own non-negotiables such as, 


  • I won’t eat processed foods or anything with sugar (aka snacks and treats) during the week.  I LOVE snacks and treats but can’t eat them everyday and have the energy or the focus I need to get s*#% done. Also, by not eating them during the week I can enjoy some on weekends guilt free!


  • I won’t drink alcohol the nights before I box. If I drink the nights before I box, my lesson/workout will totally suck. I’ve done it and learned my lesson the hard way! 


  • I won’t watch TV before 8:00 during the week. Right now, my go to shows are The Office and Dexter and I would watch for hours and hours if I let myself. I HAD to establish this non-negotiable or I would become part of my couch.


Besides helping you to develop self-discipline to stay healthy and energized, these personal guidelines will also help with the following. 


  • Reduce your guilt. We all get that “I shouldn’t have done that’ guilt and this is huge in helping because you simply won’t have engaged in the behavior that “you shouldn’t have done”. It’s not about changing the feeling. It’s about changing the behavior. 


  • Reduce your decision fatigue. We only have so much decision making energy so, why waste it on wondering should I do this, should I eat this, should I….. Save your decision making energy for the other 100 things you need to decide in any given day.


  • Increase your sense of control. You will feel more empowered and at peace that you’re in control of your actions.


Now it’s your turn. I want you to come up with your own non-negotiables and start implementing them right away. Discipline Muscles is all about taking action and we don’t wait for “Mondays” to start. 


And check out another one of my favorite strategies that will help you stick to your non-negotiables – Habit Replacements.


If you found this helpful, I would be honored if you shared it with any friends that may benefit as well!