Sometimes we just can’t ‘feel’ the gratitude.


feeling gratitude


As you fill your belly with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, hopefully you’ll feel incredibly grateful. Not just grateful for the plethora of food in front of you and the people surrounding you but grateful for things like clean water, hot showers, soap, washing machines, your bed, blankets, and warm clothing.


With that being said, there are times when no matter how hard we try to ‘feel’ grateful, we just can’t seem to connect with the feeling.


We know in our minds that we’re grateful but we don’t always feel it in our hearts. And with today being Thanksgiving in the U.S., we’re really expected to ‘feel’ grateful. Please know that if you aren’t ‘feeling’ it, it’s totally normal and it doesn’t make you a jerk!


If this is happening to you, try some tunes!


Music is one of the most powerful tools in helping us to express, feel, and connect so, crank em’ up and let them do their magic. It may or may not work. And if it doesn’t, don’t sweat it. Just enjoy the music. And because I’m so grateful for you, I’ve put together a playlist with twenty of my favorite ‘attitude of gratitude’ songs for you to try out. 


Grab a glass of wine and play them over pie!



Click on any song above to start listening!


I hope they help you to connect with feeling grateful or at the least, they make you smile.