I wanted to be just like her.


My favorite show growing up in the 80’s was Who’s the Boss which starred a smart and funny female advertising executive (Angela Bower). It seemed like she had it “all” including a hunky male housekeeper working for her. And I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. The big career, the big house, and a man working for me.


At least that’s what I thought I wanted.


See that building off in the distance? I started working on the top floor of it when I was 22 and hated every minute of it. I couldn’t figure out if it was the “job”, the “company”, the “people”, or possibly Pittsburgh. So, I moved to Miami on my own at 24 and started over.


have courage, live the life you want


Six companies, seven cities, and fifteen years into it I finally discovered it was “ME”. I was never meant to be Angela Bower. I was meant to be Angela Murray.


Live the life you want. 


Fast forward seven more years and here I am. Back in Pittsburgh but not where I started. I now know I don’t belong across the river in a suit. I belong here with you. Hopefully, inspiring you to take action, to be healthy, and to have fun!


Whatever your age or how many years have passed, make sure you’re not an “Angela Bower” when you were always meant to be YOU!


If this post has you pumped to live the life you want, keep it going with some kick ass tunes from some feisty females!