Walk away, my friend. Walk away from anything that doesn’t align with YOUR truth. And keep on walking  away from the things and the people that will stop you from being true to yourself and living a life of purpose.


But what if that means walking away from a guaranteed fat ass pay check along with status and a wardrobe to be envied by all of your friends? Or maybe a life that comes fit with the big house, the “perfect” partner, and the beautiful children? Will you choose a life that may not seem IG perfect? 


If it doesn’t truly fit with who you are, walk away. It’s not meant for you. 


Walk towards a much better life that’s waiting for you. A life full of adventure, purpose, fulfillment, and fun. Hell, you may still end up with everything that you thought you were walking away from. The difference is you’ll be getting it on your own terms while living your truth.


It may not seem like it but there’s a whole world of us out there – people just like you. And we’ll all tell you the same thing – walk away. It isn’t always easy but it’s most definitely worth it.