Are you really pushing yourself when you’re working out alone?


Have you ever noticed that you tend to push yourself a little harder when you’re working out in a group than when you’re on your own? Or maybe you find you can do “more” when you’re teamed up with a fitter partner?


There are multiple reasons for this but there is one I find particularly interesting. When you see what others can do it can inspire you to do more. And it can make you realize that you have put up a mental barrier to what you are actually capable of doing.


But how do you push yourself past this mental barrier when you’re tired and no one is around?


There are three ways you can push past when you’re working out with bodyweight workouts (like we do).


  1. You can go longer.
  2. You can go deeper.
  3. You can do something harder.


I love options #1 and #2 but they can make it too easy to hold yourself back. If you’re tired or you just don’t feel like it, who’s going to know, right? And they’re subjective. Maybe you think you’re pushing harder but your mental barrier may be stopping you without you even realizing it. Not to mention, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to go longer or the range of motion to go deeper.


Option #3 is my favorite because it’s straight forward. You don’t have to think about it so, you don’t have to “convince” yourself. It’s just harder! And it makes working out more interesting.


This workout will show you how to push yourself when working out alone!




10 Minute AMRAP Workout: Do as many rounds as possible with proper form in ten minutes.


8 Power Jacks  (more challenging than a squat or a jumping jack)

-bump it up even more by dropping deeper into the squat

-modify by stepping out into the squat alternating legs


8 T-Pushups (more challenging than a pushup or a straight arm plank)

– bump it up more by stacking your feet when you rotate and hit the T

-modify by leaving out the pushup or by keeping your stance wide when rotating


8 Bulgarian Split Squats  (more challenging than split squats/stationary lunges)

-bump it up more by using a higher surface

-modify by leaving your back foot on the ground


8 Plank Pressups (more challenging than a plank)

-no need to bump it up. just play around with it

-modify by lowering your knees to the ground


For an insurance policy that you’re pushing past your mental barriers, add this finisher to the end of your workout – 2 Minute Finisher.


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Share this with your workout partners so, they too can push past!