My Favorite Strategy (#2) – Habit Replacements


Any chance you have a few habits that you would love to break if only you had the willpower? I’m not talking about full blown addiction. I’m talking about behaviors that you might not even realize are habits. The kind that have become more of a ritual to your day.


If so, I’m excited to share another self-discipline strategy that I love and use. Just a few tweaks to your routine can help you build self-discipline for a healthy lifestyle.



Last week we talked about “Non-Negotiables” which is one of my favorite discipline strategies. If you missed it, check it out here – How to Develop Self-Discipline: Strategy #1.


This week I want to share another one of my favorites – Habit Replacements. I find it’s much easier to replace a habit rather than try to flat out break a habit.


Using my personal “Non-Negotiables” I told you about last week, I’ll give you some examples of how “Habit Replacements” help me stick to those non-negotiables.


  • Rather than drink alcohol on nights before I have boxing, I’ll make a cup of decaffeinated tea. I’ll pick a yummy flavor to help with the fact that it isn’t alcohol. It surely isn’t the same but it definitely does help! It becomes more about the process of making the drink and drinking the drink. Just like I would if it was a gin cocktail. 


  • Instead of eating ice cream after dinner during the week, I’ll eat frozen fruit. It is cold like ice cream and I’m still eating something. This one becomes pretty much a non-issue over time. I honestly don’t even think about it after dinner anymore. I know I can have it on Saturday if I want!


  • Rather than watch TV before 8:00, I’ll read or actually have a conversation with my husband while drinking my tea :). These activities help stop the hamster wheel in my head just like TV does. 


Besides helping you to develop self-discipline to stay healthy and energized, these personal guidelines will also help with the following (just like the non-negotiables).


  • Reduce your guilt and not have that “i shouldn’t have done that” feeling. You simply won’t have done anything to feel guilty about. Again, it’s about changing the behavior, not the feeling. 


  • Reduce your decision fatigue so, you can make better decisions in other areas of your life. You don’t have to think about whether or not you are going to “have” or “do” something. Just like the non-negotiables, you have already made the decision. 


  • Increase your sense of control so, you can feel more empowered and at peace. You are in control of your actions. 


Now it’s your turn. I want you to come up with your own habit replacements and start implementing them right away. Discipline Muscles is all about taking action and we don’t wait for “Mondays” to start. 


If you found this helpful, I would be honored if you shared it with any friends that may benefit as well!