Why you should take a lesson from your seven year old self. 


I will never forget the first paper I wrote in elementary school. I titled it From Kitty Pee to Pancakes. It was a tale about my beloved cat Peppermint and how her life with me began, how it tragically ended, and all of the love in between.


life lessons


As a small child I was able to write my story full of personality, full of heart, and most likely full of mistakes. Because the mistakes didn’t matter much at age seven. What mattered was the story. The story of how much I loved my cat. The story of how she peed on me during our first day together.  How she slept with me every single night giving me comfort just as a stuffed animal would. And finally how her head was flattened (like a pancake) by a car ending her short but sweet life. It was a story about love, laughter, and tragedy. 


It may have been all marked up with red ink but I don’t remember. What I do remember is being able to share MY story- not my interpretation of someone else’s story. And definitely not a book report written with no errors.


What mattered was the story. Not the mistakes. Just like it should be with life. 


LIVE with the same freedom that I had in writing From Kitty Pee to Pancakes – full of personality, full of heart, and full of mistakes. Because you’re going to make mistakes. And it’s ok!


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