This goes for everyone at the beginning of pretty much everything.


When you watch my or other people’s workout videos do you immediately dismiss it with “I can’t do that”? I understand that it may be true at that moment. Maybe you haven’t developed the skill – the strength, the flexibility, the balance, etc. YET but it doesn’t mean that you won’t.


You can either dismiss it and carry on believing that you’re incapable OR with a little belief and effort you can work towards being totally capable. Because with a little practice and a little patience, you WILL be able to do “that”. And this is the case with pretty much everyone at the beginning of well… pretty much everything.


Will you at least try?


Why do we feel that somehow it’s a failure if we can’t immediately do something? What I find most unfortunate is that it often keeps us from even trying. Imagine if you removed all expectation from yourself? What would you try? What would you experience? How would you grow?


Exercise to build your confidence for “life”.


Let’s put this into practice with a workout. Don’t worry about going from zero to 180 on your first attempt. Remember, just like with anything new – master the basics, continue to practice, and keep building. As you continue to progress and prove to yourself that you are in fact capable, your confidence will soar! And this confidence won’t be isolated to just exercise. It will show up in all areas of your life.


Quick 5-4-3-2 AMRAP Workout: Do as many rounds as possible (with proper form) in 5 minutes.



Do (4) 180 Squat Jumps 


  1. squat and rise to toes
  2. squat jump
  3. squat jump with ¼ (90) rotation
  4. squat jump with 1/2 (180) rotation


Do (3) Walkout Pushups 


  1. walk in and out without rising / keep a bend in your knees if needed but work towards straightening your legs
  2. work towards adding the deadlift at the end (lift your torso while keeping your back in a neutral position)
  3. go as deep into your pushup as you can and continue to work on going deeper without dropping to your knees


Do (2) Swing Lunges Each Leg – (2) Right Leg + (2) Left Leg


  1. place your moving foot next to the grounded foot in between each lunge
  2. work towards swinging through
  3. increase the speed of your swing to challenge your balance


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Don’t forget to warmup – Total Body Warmup.


Want more workouts for when you’re busy? Get unlimited access to my quick workouts library here – Quick Workout Library Access!


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