I worked out where?!


One of the reasons I am obsessed with bodyweight workouts is that you can do them almost anywhere! I’ll prove it by showing you a quick one outside of a building on Pitt’s campus.


Now, I’m not recommending that you workout without proper support or workout on concrete. I could have worn shoes or moved to the grass but I wanted to show how easy it can be to bust out a workout whenever you want.


Oh, and I threw in some sweet dance moves at the end in case yours have gotten stale. 😂


Bodyweight Workout – 3 Rounds (in the order below)

10 Spiderman Climbs (5 each leg)
10 Hop Squat Touchdowns (stay soft on your feet or step out rather than hop)
10 Close Grip Pushups (elbows in)
10 Alternating Forward Lunges (5 each leg)


Now it’s your turn! Give it a try and share it with a friend!