Hi, I’m Angela!

(Although some call me Angel)

I was considered a “troublemaker” growing up. I was a bit wild but not totally wild. I was restless, rebellious, and I liked to have fun. I was outspoken and stood up for others and for what I believed in. And not much has changed!


We gon’ be alright, put that on my life
When I open my eyes, hope I see you shine
We’re planting a flag they don’t understand
The world is up for grabs
I feel glorious, glorious
-Glorious (Macklemore)


Some would say I’m a little “different” (or weird). 
  1. My mom died when I was 23 so, I moved to Miami from Pittsburgh on a whim and on my own shortly after.
  2. I walked away from a pretty solid corporate career after 15 years so, I can help our future role models and leaders (you) build a better world.
  3. I married an adrenaline junkie who chose to travel the globe to snowboard and surf rather than go to college.
  4. We chose not to have children.
  5. I’m all about getting my fitness on but I drink beer and gin and eat pizza and french fries. 
  6. I love to box, dance, roller skate, and do “old lady” gymnastics. 
  7. I have a hard time expressing sadness but the thought of someone going hungry or not having a warm bed to sleep in will bring me to tears in an instant. 
  8. I’m borderline obsessed with our cats Willis and Dolly.
  9. Puppets and anything puppet like totally crack me up. 
  10. My celebrity crush is Howard Stern.

What I strive to inspire and teach.
  1. You must create your own vision of how you want to live your life.
  2. The most valuable thing you can do is treat everyone with common courtesy, kindness, and respect.
  3. If you want to feel the flow and build a life of purpose, you have to do things inside of your comfort zone + work towards things outside of your comfort zone.
  4. Sometimes you have to do things afraid.
  5. It’s ok to change anything and everything.
  6. It’s ok to go for it and it not work out.
  7. Your health is a non-negotiable. You have take care of yourself in order to take care of ANYTHING or ANYONE else. 
  8. A smile and a compliment can be one of the greatest gifts to someone.

My cred – street and official:

Bachelor of Science – Organizational Psychology (focus on motivation, coaching, and development)

15 Year Corporate Veteran – Sales, Management, Program Development, Team Development, Planning

7 Year Fitness Pro – ACSM Personal Trainer, NESTA Nutrition Coach, BASE Boot Camp Creator and Operator

10 Year Gymnast that taught me A LOT about fitness and life

Many, many good, great, and not so great life experiences


Join Our Allstar Army – Join The Movement. 

If you want to learn why this has become my mission, check out my blog post – Live the Life You Want!