Hi, I’m Angela!

(Although some call me Angel)

I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb rebellious. I’ve questioned authority and have hated rules as far back as I can remember. And as for expectations – they can suck it. I’ve always done things my own way.


I didn’t grow up with dreams of the perfect husband, the beautiful children, and a white picket fence. And unlike most of the girls I knew, I hated playing house. Not to mention, barbies and baby dolls. I hated them even more. Except for Cabbage Patch! Their butts smelled like powder.


Because I’ve always felt different, I’ve been searching under rocks my whole life. Rarely leaving a stone unturned for ways to help me live a life that’s true to me. In other words, a life that most people don’t understand. Now I want to share it all with YOU!

Fun facts to help you get to know me:
  1. When I was 24, I moved to Miami from Pittsburgh on a whim and on my own.
  2. I walked away from a solid corporate career after 15 years so, I could help my fellow “troublemakers”, rebels, and misunderstood (you).
  3. I married an adrenaline junkie who travelled the globe to snowboard and surf rather than go to college. We chose not to have children and are kind of obsessed with our cats Willis and Dolly.
  4. I love to box, dance, roller skate, and do “old lady” gymnastics. But I also love beer, gin, tequila, pizza, and ice cream. 
  5. When asked, Who would I most like to have dinner with? My answer, without question, is Howard Stern.
My favorite life lessons:
  1. Create your own vision of how you want to live your life.
  2. The most valuable thing you can do is treat everyone with common courtesy, kindness, and respect. A smile and a compliment can be one of the greatest gifts to someone.
  3. Sometimes you have to do things afraid.
  4. It’s ok to change anything and everything. And it’s ok to go for it and it not work out.
  5. Discipline is the key to discovering, developing, and keeping the life you want.
My cred – street and official:
  1. Bachelor of Science – Organizational Psychology (focus on human behavior and productivity)
  2. 15 Year Corporate Veteran – Sales, Management, Program Development, Team Development, Planning
  3. 7 Year Fitness Pro – ACSM Personal Trainer, NESTA Nutrition Coach, BASE Boot Camp Creator and Operator
  4. 10 Year Gymnast that taught me A LOT about fitness and life
  5. Many great and not so great life experiences

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